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Here are some of our Linwood Wires babies, living amazing lives with fantastic families!

Seargeant Bilbo living the life in California.

Churchill lives in Louisiana with his big brother Bugsy. 

Winston loves to travel with his parents in Florida. 

Asta lives in Wisconsin with his parents. 

Oliver lives in Florida with his parents and 2 human sisters.

Pendelton "Loaf" loves the California sunshine. 

Miles lives in California with his Mom and his big sister. 

Millie lives in Louisiana with her Mom and Dad. 

Ferris lives with his parents and human brother and sister in Maryland. 

Forrest lives in Arkansas with his parents. 

Francine lives with her family here in Ohio! 

Krull lives in Oregon with his family and canine siblings. 

Skye then and now. She lives in Florida with her parents and big sister, Ginger. 

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