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Our Wire Fox Terrier Family


Our pack of trouble keeps us laughing and entertained each and every day! They are a boisterous bunch at times that have filled our home with unconditional love and happiness. 


Kirby loves to jump up on higher surfaces to gain a better vantage point. Under his "I'm too cool for you" exterior he is an absolute mommy's boy that loves to be held, give kisses and cuddle.


Daisy is a tiny terrier with a big dog attitude. She likes to jump up and give kisses, or bash you in the nose with her head if your not paying attention. She likes to nudge us with all of her weight to let us know when she wants something. If that tactic doesn't work, she will grab clothing in her teeth to tug on you until she gets what she wants. Daisy also loves yogurt, and she will do just about anything to get it!

Violet, with her perked ears, is our little elf. She is intelligent and athletic. She loves to cuddle and be held, and will demand to sit on our laps so that she can perch and watch her subjects play beneath her. When she is outside, she loves to play keep-away with her favorite object which could be a stick, some tree bark or a pine cone. She is independent and creative and can often be seen throwing her ball up in the air and then pouncing on it. 

Primrose is our beautiful ginger female. She can come across as aloof at times, but that is only up until she paws at you, pulling you down to sit so that she can curl up in your lap. Primrose is spring loaded and bounces up with all four paws in the air when she gets excited. She loves to zoom around the yard and make sure the neighbors are all behaving. 

Poppy is our mostly white little girl with a white dot on the tip of her right ear. She likes to run around with her baby blanket in her mouth, climb on the back of furniture to paw at our heads and wrestle with Winnie, our whoodle.


Chester is our regal looking mostly white male. He likes to run around with all of the girls or lay on any available lap. He is a very gentle boy and will always pick being loved over playing with toys. 


Petunia is a tiny tater tot at only 14 pounds. She loves to bounce and chase her giggle ball in the yard. Petunia will dive into your lap uninvited and then take off running for reasons that only she knows. She keeps us laughing every day.

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